Thursday, June 19, 2008

Getting back into the swing of things

Okay, so it's been a long time since I've posted. We've been out of town since May 19th-with a stop back at home for a week in between trips. Went to Buffalo/Niagara Falls for a beautiful celebration for our family-Matthew (brother in law) married sweet, spirited Michelle (also having to give up her defining Italian last name for Poulsen-we share that, among other things in common. Just love her! Went from no sisters to 2 that are better than imagined, and we didn't have to go through the sharing the bathroom & closets stage!)

For me, along with the remarkable wedding festivities, this trip back home was just heart-warming at every turn. Our family has so much love & support for one another it's amazing to me that God hasn't called us all to live in the same place at the same time. What a unique ability to serve God along with raising our families together. I'll admit, I was hung up on that for a bit, but I've been reminded of one thing: when I've let God take over & I just follow His lead, His path is always better than even my little creative juices can conjure up.

The kids playing together..oh, I'll post a'll see for yourself...
Okay, that's 2, but look at their bright & shiny! Now I realize that if you live by family, you're thinking "Tina, you're really romantacizing this.." but truly, Carter was a different kind of joyful while he was with his cousins & the rest of the family. It was like he just knew they were family. And if you're a local friend, you know that he generally just enjoys your kids' being around, but no offense BY ANY MEANS, this was different. And it felt really good to sit back & observe it.
All to say, I love you, family for being so loving to my little guy. Especially you, JJ; at 6, you could have easily been annoyed by your 38" shadow, but you were everything but.

Speaking of JJ, his daddy took a position as youth pastor at an upstate NY A/G church. We're so excited for this next step and long awaited start to full-time church ministry. For us Texas Poulsens that means coming to closure with the possibility of them moving here or somewhere near. Which, surprisingly, has come to us through this past couple of weeks of digestion. Divinely.

Our trip last week was to San Antonio. We've come to just love that city. It feels so metropolitan to me after living in Lubbock! But it has a small town feel to it with all of the culture & the pretty landscape. Carter & I enjoyed being free in the city while Dan was going from conference room to conference room at the newly erected Grand Hyatt downtown. We had a total of 9 days there. Mom came to stay with us halfway through & that was a great bonus for us all. Carter enjoyed the limitless attention & catering, while Dan & I enjoyed some time alone when available. Mom & I share a passion for a great bargain, so hitting those San Marcos outlets together was a highlight for me. (I bought so much at Pottery Barn Kids, I had to return some stuff merely b/c we'd packed all we could into the Montero & there was no way to get it home!)

I surprised Dan with an evening at the Watermark Spa. Certainly recommended next time you're in SA. He had a massage & enjoyed the facilities while I chatted up some NYers there in the women's hot springs. Possibly the best part was being all together for our last day & night at the Westin La Cantera Resort. The pools & the waterslide kept us happy in the 300 degree heat-no seriously it was SO hot there. I could spend all day out there, and so can my little guy. We spent many days just out at the pools & playing in the sun. We're a pair! I enjoyed him so much this past week.

Okay, so now I'm busy getting prepared for the transition to Party of 4. Did I tell you my delivery is scheduled for Sept. 17th? By the way, I mistakenly wrote that I was in my third trimester back a few entries, when I'm actually just entering it now. (That correction is for you, Aunt Patty!) I now have 12 weeks left! WHOA!

Can't sign off without posting Carter's 1st DeDee's Dairy ice cream experience. Many thanks to Bob for letting Carter walk around like he owned the place! Uncle Nick got big points this trip!
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