Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's a girl!

It's a girl! It's a girl!

The baby looked so much bigger on the sonogram than I had anticipated based on the babycenter images. The most heart-warming part of the ultrasound was as soon as she came onto the screen, she was kicking her legs one after the other JUST LIKE CARTER did! I had been feeling like I was carrying a girl because of how different I feel this pregnancy from the last & just that intuition that Heather tells me to trust. But when those legs were going like that I thought, "it could be a boy".

That she was kicking at all, and then suckling, and her little belly was filled with fluid-which indicates healthy digestion, and that heart fluttering away, was enough for me. And I know everyone says that/feels that. But I have been so hauntingly aware of all that can go wrong & be identified on that ultrasound screen, not to mention, this was the exact stage in my pregnancy prior to Carter's that I found out I had miscarried.

It gets better. I had been sent to this high risk Dr. due to my history of miscarriage. This is the Dr that did our ultrasound. During the visit/examining of the ultrasound he had asked me a seried of questions leading up to "i just don't classify you as high risk. you're healthy and the baby has met the expected developments so far, the chance of miscarriage at this point is just so very, very slim". WhoHoo!!

We do have a name all picked out that we are not sharing until her birthday. Just for some element of surprise that day.

Went through Carter's tubs of clothes from 0-12m (I told you I was nesting!! Lord, help me I have so long to go!!) and I was obviously not thinking that I may have a girl next, because there are only 5 sleepers that will work for a girl, in that pale green color I just love. Going through those tubs made me want more time with baby Carter in those cuddly, precious outfits that are just covered with memories.

God is good, folks! So good! I feel blessed and highly favored, indeed.
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