Wednesday, March 26, 2008

spring cleaning or nesting?

Am I alone? Or is there such a thing as 2nd trimester nesting? Just rounded into my 2nd trimester. Which the nausea is mostly passed & those headaches & paralyzing fatigue seem to be gone too, in came this flood of "clean this, organize that"! You know me, I clean & organize as hobbies most often, but this is different. I have completely emptied the closet in the new baby's room. It had been our "everything" closet; storing extra linens, wrapping paper & craft supplies, photo negatives from our wedding, pictures & frames, electronics & a ton of Dan's book collection. (Lucky for baby #2 this is a very spacious closet).

All of that has been relocated & perfectly organized somewhere else in the house. I have been cleaning window sils & cabinet faces, tightening knobs & drawer pulls. Mr Carter has even taken it on as a great pasttime, leaving behind his toys & crayons & picking up a sponge & a broom! I even let him vacuum the kitchen & "dust". He loves it. Music is blasting & he couldn't feel taller or more capable. And I couldn't feel more energized!

We (Carter & I) heard the baby's heartbeat yesterday at the Drs office. I'll be seeing a high risk dr. next week for an ultrasound. They'd scheduled me with a high risk dr. based on the miscarriage that I had prior to Carter. Can't be too cautious. Although the OB that I used for my pregnancy with Carter didn't even bat an eyelash at my last miscarriage. Hopefully this is a sign that my new OB (whom we're very happy with) will be more thorough & careful.

I'm desperately trying to "forget" that I'm pregnant for the next few months, because I just get so anxious & want to jump forward to delivery & bringing the baby home. I have a stack of paint samples in colors for both boy or girl nurseries! OUT OF HAND! Pin It

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