Thursday, March 20, 2008

eye of the beholder

carter's new years' resolution has turned out to be starting his mornings before the sun rises. imagine my pleasure when he crawled into bed beside us this morning after 7am! it gets even better...
dan had to jump out to get in the shower, which meant the light shone through into our room & carter turned to look up at me, still lying there (desperately pleading with God to keep carter in this lax morning mood). he traced his hand on the lace neckline of my pjs & looked up at my face to say "mommy...pretty".
later that afternoon, i decided to let him watch 'Shrek' (reigning favorite). i figured i deserved it....i mean, he deserved it...after a full day of using our imaginations & energy. at some point in the movie he came bounding out of his chair to me & said "mommy...pretty princess...princess...pretty"

i guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. and to carter, i rank right up there with the OGRE princess!
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