Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Here comes the...maid of honor

That's her on the right. Miss Kate Adamson. That's me in the center & Ellie to my left. We're all bridesmaids at Gretty's wedding on this day. It's a blessing beyond what I realized that day for us to have met & spent 4 close years together in Bible school in a small city in the Ozarks. The East Side girls...A, Annie, Gretty, Ellie, Betsy, Kate & me. We trusted eachother, learned from one another, and laughed and laughed and laughed.
They stood beside me along with my longtime friend, Heather & new sister, Tara on my wedding day the next summer. These girls knew what it meant for me to be standing at that altar with Dan. They knew the intricacies of the man I'd dreamt of & was holding out to meet. So when he stood before me vowing to love & cherish me, they came from all across the country to witness & celebrate with me. Made my day.
Kate stands out on the video. Perhaps because she's standing nearest to me on the platform. She's at the ready to be sure my dress is in it's proper place & played the piano as I sang to Dan.  Kate stood out to me for years. She just has that certain thing about her that I intended to emmulate. Integrity. Competence. Loyalty.
Now she's coming to my new life in Texas. After years of distance, she'll be here on Thursday. Can't wait for her to meet Carter & to get to share in my tabletalk with Dan.
I've spent the past 2 days preparing for her arrival. Her sheets & blankets must be clean, her bathroom toiletries stocked, the car clean when I pick her up from the airport. That's not all. I've had my stylist freshen up my haircut, even Carter's. I had the carpets professionally cleaned this morning & I've just finished listing counters & toilets that need to be cleaned. The dog is even at the groomer! I'll sweep the patio, though it's too cold to sip lemonade. I'll have everything in the house in it's place & be sure to wear my cutest outfits. Hoodies, they may be!
WHY ON EARTH am I so concerned about her impression?! The truth is, I do this before everyone comes to visit us. Since our family & friends live states away, when they come, they stay awhile. My house becomes theirs. I love it that way. But the effort to polish & primp; am I the only one, ladies?
Once they wake up the first morning, they get to see the house littered with toys & dishes in the sink & my once finished hairstyle not so pristine. Does the first impression really matter so much? Would it make a difference if the dog weren't groomed? Well, maybe. But what if the carpet were just vacuumed & not steam cleaned? (Gosh, I've needed to do that for so long-and what a difference!)
The thing that gets me is Kate, like the other overnight guests, are the nearest & dearest to me because of our deep roots. Because they've stuck with me through the good & bad. Because she's lived with me when the most high-end furnishing I owned was from IKEA. Because they helped Dan & I clean out our old fixer-upper house in NY. For goodness sake, Kate has literally soaked up the blood that poured from my mouth after I had my wisdom teeth out!
What's so impressive about impressing?
PS: Now that I'm done with this blog entry, I'm going to empty the trash cans & work my way through the laundry! How much do you think new pillows for her bed will cost?
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