Thursday, January 31, 2008

new year

new year. the thrill of a fresh calendar for the marking. though, i'm not sure i'm settled against designing one with last years photos as a yearly keepsake. we'll see. some great first markings include carter's 2nd birthday, preceeded by a first-time visit from kate, followed by a visit from mom. march is booked with a unprecedented girls getaway to phoenix for a look at miss tegan smith & new mommy, gretty. dan will spend a few days with jay in orlando, on the account of tara being due for baby #3 just a week before. looking forward to it all. we'll be trading in our christmas trip to NY for a visit in May to celebrate with matt & sweet michelle on their wedding day and surrounding festivities. we just may be able to convince some beloved family to visit us here in texas for christmas this year....we shall see. ahh....a new year.

makes me want to book a trip somewhere. or buy new furniture. makes mister want to increase savings. it's just this conflict of interest that keeps us so crazy about eachother. so far we're both getting our way.

family just got over a week of yuck. what remains has been coming out into carter's diaper too many times a day. he just cries & cries when he has to be wiped. wakes up through the night. not into eating, wants to drink all day long. all unlike him, except the drinking binge. he has pulled so hard on the fridge door in the effort to get "duice" that he detached the safety latch. it is not uncommon for him to come around the corner with a gallon of milk or 64oz of juicy juice.

yes our family has to shop in the indestructable section for both dog toys & home furnishings. we're just strong individuals; in mind, in spirit, in body. what can i say?

have you ever seen carter show is muscles?!?!?! you'll laugh til you cry. Pin It

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